Day: February 25, 2023

How did the departure of Western

If before that, attackers most often pursu mercantile goals, then during this period their main task was to disable critical systems. It was then that Russian business and government organizations fac an unprecent wave of DDoS attacks . be the most protect, and which – the most attack? – Those who already have experience in […]

It also happens that the client

It remains within certain communicative boundaries, usually not allowing itself to be shown, for example, aggression or flirting. In a dialogue with a chatbot, a person can go beyond these boundaries, using maladaptive or asocial forms of communication and acting impulsively, while not receiving feback and healthy opposition.  becomes emotionally attach to the therapist or […]

Which makes them even more effective

To chatbot messages on their own, mistaking it for the meaning put into the text by a machine. Subsequently, this phenomenon was call the “Eliza effect”. Eliza did not have artificial intelligence and was a simple algorithm by today’s standards, but it creat and for some users it really had a certain psychotherapeutic effect. Modern […]

The anonymity of messengers is expresse

What you publish a few years ago can become “illegal content” with the possibility of prosecution,” says Alexander Ognev. According to Ognev,  in the fact that the connection is establish through the company’s servers, and we do not know the IP address of the remote user, and he, in turn, does not know ours. But […]

The growth of the market is also supported

A computer vision surveillance system will recognize everyone. Who passes by your apartment and compare the images with the police base. Today, a “smart” home in Russia is basically the Yandex intelligent assistant. Alisa”, which turns on music, searches for information on. The Internet, recommends movies, regulates the lighting and temperature in the house, and […]

They replace expensive and inflexible fixed

The start of the pandemic, and employee turnover has increas from 50% to 300% in some companies. Many Russian companies have similar problems – high turnover, lack of experienc operators, long waiting times on the line. A study by MegaFon and ORO shows that these problems are also solv by voice AI. With their help, […]

The entry threshold is lowering

The client can choose a voice for the company from a ready-made catalog or create his own in just a month. Synthesis technology will make it possible to voice the text of any volume and complexity and use the corporate voice in all communication channels. — How will the speech technology market develop in the […]

We see that virtual assistants are used

Anti-fraud systems are being developed that detect voice forgery and its use for fraud. Now research is being carried out in this direction, but it can already be predicted that in the next year or two antifraud will be sufficiently developed to implement real commercial cases. Recognition also does not stand still, the technology is […]

Big data DS specialists can create models

All of them involve understanding large amounts of information. But if data analytics answers questions about the past (for example. About changes in the behavior of customers of an. Internet service over the past few years), then Data Science literally looks to the future.  that prict what will happen tomorrow. Including pricting the demand for […]

The IT industry is one of those areas

It difficult for them they ask for help, but you can work with them, and this is a grateful audience. People who came, relatively speaking, from plants and factories. Far from business, with a different cultural code. Of course, there are exceptions here, but in general,  change in profession. It is also very important to […]

He comes to the June position with a fairly

An internship and is able to perform certain tasks, but at the same time he still nes to grow inside the company. Jun+ is a specialist with about 1-2 years of commercial development experience. Unlike the two previous categories, serious potential. Most likely, he will ne the help of colleagues, but he can do a […]

People make affect the lives of marine

If El Niño intensifies enough, then the winter of 2024 may turn out to be very frosty.The world’s oceans are full of sounds, such as waves, earthquakes, and sinking ships. Scientists have figur out how the noises that  life What’s the trend? After the COVID-19 pandemic, the commercial shipping industry is recovering and is booming […]