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It became very popular when they began to create unmann vehicles. — But, if you go beyond, many breakthroughs will occur in areas relat to chemistry, biology, micine and food technology. There will be more of them, because pockets of digitalization are emerging there, and, accordingly, more interesting solutions are emerging that help move forward. At Tomsk Polytechnic University, several teams are working on the creation of implants healing of fractures, the treatment of wounds and accelerat regeneration. Understanding what modern implantology has achiev This material continues the series about laboratories research.

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Development and projects of regional universities from the Israel Phone Number List Priority 2030 list. The first material about the project of Saratov scientists on the management of sleep functions can be read here . The creation of artificial body parts is an old dream of mankind. Today it is becoming a reality. Through the efforts of scientists, implants are constantly being improv. Engineers endow products with different properties: they help them “deceive” the immune system, better take root in the human body, and serve longer. And sometimes they are forc to “dissolve” without a trace after the work done. Several research teams are working in this direction at Tomsk Polytechnic University TPU.

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The developments of scientists are able to save USA CFO people from pain and return to a full life. Engineering developments have become an integral part of modern micine. Thanks to them, doctors have receiv, among other things, body parts. Innovative implants are projects in the field of health engineering that TPU scientists are implementing with the support of the Priority 2030 feral program. In implantology, as in any area of ??life, there is a so-call “classic of the genre”. by a metal implant. For their production, an alloy of titanium, vanadium or zirconium is most often us.

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