A group of American researchers found

As the Earth warms, the Arctic becomes humid Atmospheric rivers carry heat and water from areas close to the equator to middle latitudes and further north. For example, in January 2023 they l to extreme rainfall in California and New Zealand. Also, atmospheric rivers carry most of the moisture to the Arctic. sheet, and it will take longer for a new stable layer to form. Due to climate change, the temperature on Earth is rising. Accordingly, heat air is able to hold more steam . This process makes atmospheric rivers and storms more common, which only increases the negative impact of global warming on the Arctic.

Their heat and precipitation can melt the ice

How scientists have describ the impact of atmospheric Romania Phone Number List rivers on the Arctic Scientists have long believ that heat from strong moisture transfers can melt sea ice, but they were not sure to what extent. The fact is that  on ice for long-term observations of energy exchange.  that the more frequent formation of atmospheric rivers causes the melting of the fragile ice sheet and slows down its recovery. Scientists have found that about 34% of the ruction in Arctic ice extent (from 1979 to 2021) can be attribut to an increase in the frequency of this natural phenomenon.

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It was practically impossible to install instruments

What shrinking sea ice means for the planet This USA CFO phenomenon has both positive and negative consequences. For example, due to changes in ice volume, ships will be able to sail from Northern Europe to North America and East Asia via the Arctic. This route will be much cheaper than across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In addition, it will become easier to extract oil, gas and minerals in the region. However, shrinking sea ice could drastically change the climate. Sea ice effectively reflects incoming solar energy back into space. Otherwise, it is absorb by the oceans, heats them up and accelerates global warming, which leads to various natural disasters.

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