A smart alarm clock that tracks

Upon registration a recommend daily calorie intake is calculat bas on activity level, height and age, and a nutritional goal. Users fill out a food diary to know  fats, carbohydrates they have consum. You can track progress: view reports for the day and week. The basic functionality is free, but with a subscription to FatSecret Premium, an individual nutrition plan is compil. Cost: ?499 per month, ?1250 for three months, ?3150 for a year. Lifesum  responsible for a healthy diet The application helps to acquire healthy eating habits and achieve your goals in this area.

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Lifesum counts calories and tailors the meal plan to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List user’s taste preferences. There is a built-in gallery of recipes for balanc meals, as well as support and motivation at every stage. Limit functionality is available for free. To access all features, you ne to subscribe for ?749 per month or ?2390 per year. This program reminds you to drink more water. Every day, a new animal character is unlock, which nes to be “fill” by 100%, to achieve its goal of hydration (maintaining water balance in the body). Also in the application there are challenges and the ability to share the results with friends. Waterllama features colorful design, unobtrusive hints and cute characters.

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Wakes up on time your sleep

This app is the winner of the 2022 App Store USA CFO Awards and 2022 Apple Design Awards . Waterllama is free to use. Premium features are available with a monthly subscription (?249) or a one-time purchase (?649). Sleep Cycle :pattern and wakes you up when you’re in the fast phase. Waking up at this moment, the person feels more rest and energiz than if he woke up during the slow phase. The application analyzes the sounds that a person makes during sleep, so the phone does not have to be put in b – you can put it on the nightstand or even on the floor. Sleep Cycle cannot affect the quality of sleep.

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