After the moderators of the social network

The dissemination of unreliable socially significant information on the subject of a special military operation in Ukraine.” A year earlier, on March 10, 2021, the agency was already slowing down the work of the social network. At the time, the move was explain by Twitter’s refusal to remove illegal content. However,  remov more than 91% of the prohibit information, the RKN remov restrictions on its work. On March 4, Roskomnadzor restrict access to Facebook (namely, slow down traffic). The agency cit “censorship” against Russian mia, including state-own ones, by the social network as the reason. On March 11, the American company Meta Platforms.

Who are participating in a special military

Which owns Facebook and Instagram, temporarily allow Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List users from 12 countries to publish calls for violence against Russian military personnel  operation in Ukraine, as well as against the leaders of Russia and Belarus. On the same day, Roskomnadzor and the Prosecutor General’s Office demand that Meta Platforms be recogniz as an extremist organization and bann from its activities in Russia. On March 14, the RKN block Instagram, and on March 21, 2022, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow recogniz the activities of the Instagram and Facebook social networks own by Meta Platforms Inc. as extremist and bann them in Russia Roskomnadzor comment.

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This work was prepar in advance

Since the beginning of the special military operation USA CFO social networks own by Western IT corporations have act as one of the key platforms for conducting an information war against our country, purposefully spreading threats against Russian citizens, as well as numerous fakes, censor the content of Russian users, organizations and means mass information. According to available information and financ by unfriendly countries. In this regard, foreign social networks were block in Russia: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Some services independently decid to terminate commercial activities in Russia. So, YouTube video hosting refus to monetize content and place ads on its own initiative, and the social network.

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