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Any interference with the employee right

Personal Data Protection, as well as the requirement to keep documentation of breaches. We wrote about when we are dealing with a breach, how to report a breach and how to notify individuals. Practice shows that the number of notifications is constantly growing. Thus, the awareness of the organization in connection with the occurrence of a breach also increases. The following text will be devotd to keeping a record of violations – not much is said about this, and let’s remember that the GDPR requires us to be fully accountable.

Control in the regulations agreement

It is important that the control authority, in this case the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, can verify whether the controller had the appropriate Latest Mailing Database documentation. The President of the UODO indicatd certain documents as a must-have for each administrator. Among these documents, there is, above all, documentation regarding infringements. I emphasize this, because in the event of an inspection, attention will be paid first to this documentation. Obligation to keep a register of infringements In accordance with the requirements of art.

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Regulate the issue of employee

The GDPR, the controller must record information about the breach, including the circumstances of the personal data breach, the course and the personal USA CFO data breachd. What should be includd in the indicatd register of infringements? Regarding the scope of the register, guidance can be found in the guidelines of the Working Party in Art. 29 No. WP 250: According to them: “While the controller determines the methods and structure of documenting breaches, in all cases certain key elements of the recordd information should be includd.

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