Chatbots can partially replace a specialist

Chatbots from the Russian company Smart Reading for teenagers and young adults help develop emotional intelligence and goal-setting skills. Psychologists, authors of teenage literature and potential users took part in the creation and testing of chatbots. “Phil” and “Abi” work according to scenarios develop by experts and do not use self-learning artificial intelligence. But they have thoughtful characters, individual communication styles, rely on the method of interactive learning and the principles of mobile microlearning. emotional intelligence chatbot is also bas on the principles of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and can have a certain therapeutic effect in terms of better understanding and regulating one’s emotional state.

The conversational model of the Phil

Both bots appear on the market at the end of 2022 and Bahrain Phone Number List during this time they were test by about 2 thousand people of different ages. “Phil” and “Abi” were highly rat by the ucators and child psychologists interview by the company.  and do not require the installation of additional applications. Human or bot? by solving the following tasks: basic or “low-level” psychological support; support in personal development; teaching psychological literacy; initial diagnosis and referral to a specialist. Some of these problems are also solv by the popular psychological literature. The New York Times author and anthropologist Barclay Bram, describing his personal experience of interacting.

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Chatbots work inside Telegram

Woebot compares it to reading a good book. Woebot developers themselves offer to perceive it as a book, which eventually becomes personaliz for you. However USA CFO chatbots are not just electronic interactive books. They involve a person in a direct dialogue – and this is a more active form of understanding information, close to real learning or psychological counseling. Chatbots, of course, will not completely replace a specialist where a more in-depth study of psychological problems or overcoming psychological crises is requir. And although outwardly a dialogue with a chatbot and a dialogue with a specialist may be similar.

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