It can be said that congruence implies

Learn to lose and compromise. What is congruence “Congruence is the correspondence, consistency of the internal content of a person (his attitudes, attitudes, emotions and feelings, states, experiences) and his external manifestations – behavior, verbal expression of his feelings and emotions. This is the state in which a person is most authentic and authentic as himself – as opposed to showing psychological defenses, presenting some kind of facade, hiding behind a mask, playing some role,” says Yana Paderina, clinical psychologist, NGO specialist “ Association “World of communication”. “Big Psychological Dictionary” edited by Meshcheryakova and V.P. Zinchenko points out that congruence implies an internal process of awareness, acceptance by a person of his own actual processes and states.

The adequacy of the manifestations of feelings

Which allows a person to manifest himself in this Honduras Phone Number List way, ”adds Paderina. The psychologist also notes that “methods of manifestation should not hurt other people” – that is, it is not about directly following your impulses. “An important component of congruence is  and emotions of a person in a social situation, compliance with cultural norms, law, moral principles, other people’s personal boundaries,” explains Paderina. not only authenticity and freedom of expression of a person, but also being in harmony with one’s environment, social environment or communication partner.

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He greets them with a friendly greeting

This implies another semantic shade of using the USA CFO concept of “congruence” – as a characteristic of communication or participants in the communication process. Examples of congruence The barista loves his job. He loves the smell of fresh coffee and the joy on the faces of satisfied guests. Therefore, when customers enter the cafe, and a smile. The visitor feels sincerity and responds with cordiality. The student brought a “deuce”. Father looked at the diary, sighed, and honestly said that he was not happy. Examples of incongruence In response to the chief’s question “How are you?” the person replies “excellent”, although his lips are turned down.

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