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Demonstrate the ne for every employee to follow safety rules, using, for example, digital literacy programs. Come up with a reward system for the timely development of skills. Conduct ucational games on the topic of increasing digital literacy. Security, for example, using a roundup of weekly news in mailing lists or video conferences. Let employees be aware of what is happening in the world of information security, so it to the company and explain the ne to treat passwords and letters responsibly. do not forget about the cyber hygiene rules that must be observ in the office.

Will be easier to convey potential losses

Let’s go back to the examples. Imagine some Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List organism (our organization) that us to live in a conditional bubble and was little interest in the fact that outside of it there are microbes and bacteria that can infect it. But now it was sharply requir to strengthen the immune system. We will finally have to take inventory of the entire numerous economy, because it is impossible to keep track of what you are not aware of. Analyze whether all software and hardware components are necessary for the functioning of the infrastructure. Let’s consider the points.

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Restrict access to the internal infrastructure

If your organization has been putting off network USA CFO segmentation, now is the time to do it. A dicat segment is requir for remote users. In an ideal world, physical users should also be separat from applications (preconfigur appliances) and network devices. Carefully build a process for managing vulnerabilities and patches, as well as keep software up to date. Now this is even more important as many users come in from outside and risk bringing with them data that targets a vulnerability that was not fix in a timely manner. strictly for those users who really ne it to work, before connecting, checking for fresh anti-virus databases and up-to-date security software and its databases.

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