Data visualization and model selection

Everything else is for preparation for it and other routines,” say. David Rafalovsky, CTO of Sberbank Group, executive vice president and head of. The Technology block. Anaconda, a company that develops products for working with data. Gives even more sad statistics. Her surveys show that, on average, almost half of. The time (45%) specialists spend preparing data, that is, loading and cleaning it. Another third is spent on. Only 12% and 11%. Of working hours are left for training and deployment, respectively. Data scientists in the clouds. Special cloud platforms help facilitate and speed up the work of collecting data, building and deploying models.

Data scientists needed flexible scalable

It is cloud platforms for machine learning that have Romania Phone Number List become the most relevant trend in Data Science. Since we are talking about large amounts of information, complex ML models, tools that are ready and available for work with distributed teams, and affordable resources. It is for data scientists that cloud providers have created platforms focused on  learning models and further work with them. So far, there are few such solutions, and one of them was completely created in Russia. At the end of 2020, Sbercloud introduced ML Space , a full-cycle cloud platform for the development and implementation of AI services.

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The preparation and launch of machine

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