The program is to eliminate the digital divide

HSE researchers found out how many people in Russia still do not use the Internet. Which regions have the fewest connections. And why people refuse to use the Web What’s happening ISSEK NRU HSE studi who and. Why in Russia does not use the Internet. For seven years – from 2014 to 2021 – the number of Russians  from 30.1% to 16%. Most households not connect to the Internet are in the Republics of Mari El (28%) and Mordovia (26.3%), Novgorod (27%) and Oryol (25.5%) regions. Least of all – in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (1.5%), the Magadan Region (2.7%) and the Chechen Republic.

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Among the reasons why Russians do not connect to UK Mobile Number List the Internet, the most common is the reluctance to connect to the Internet (71.6%). 35.8% of households lack the skills to use the Internet, 12.1% cannot afford it due to high tariffs, and 11.1% due to the cost of Internet connection equipment. 5% of households do not have the technical capabilities to access the Internet. Most often, people over 75 years old have never us the Internet – 69.3%, Russians ag 65-74 years old – 35.5%, and those ag 55-64 years old – 12.9%. Among them, men – 9.9% and women – 14.5%. The share of rural residents without the Internet is 17.6%, urban.

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The goal of  among the population

In addition only 3.3% of Russians with higher ucation USA CFO have never us the Internet. And the share of those who do not have a basic general ucation and access to the Internet was 40.4%. What does it mean The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Mia, together with Rostelecom and ER-Telecom, has been connecting towns, villages, villages, villages and auls to the Internet since 201. In 2014–2021, 14,000 settlements with 250–500 people were connect to the Internet. By 2030, mobile communications and high-spe wireless.

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