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To develop and prosper. Scientific discoveries and inventions. Were seen as the only way to bring humanity to a new path of development. The rationality of technology was suppos to defeat social injustice and economic crises. From the 1960s to the 1980s, techno-optimism reach its height of popularity. During that period of time and political scientists were publish. of society with the direct participation of science. For example, the American sociologist and publicist Daniel Bell was a theorist of a post-industrial society.

Key works of philosophers sociologists

In such a society knowlge and intellectual technologies Russia Phone Number List play a key role, there is a transition from the production of goods to the provision of services and an increase in the number of knowlge carriers. Society, according to Bell, should consist of three classes. “The creative elite of scientists and the highest professional administration”. “Middle class” (engineers, researchers). “Proletariat of mental labor” (technicians, assistants, junior employees, laboratory assistants). Currently, we are witnessing the most acute form of techno-optimism – transhumanism. Proponents of this philosophical and scientific movement are What is technopessimism is the belief that most modern technologies can not only harm humanity, but even destroy it.

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The history of technopessimism is inextricably link with USA CFO the industrial revolutions of the late 18th and 19th centuries. The transformation of an agrarian society into an industrial one l to the growth of the economy, the emergence of factories and factories, the creation of transport and the development of large cities. PeopleĀ  production lines. This attitude to man has been criticiz by philosophers and sociologists. Since the 1960s, technopessimism has reach a new level of development and has become the impetus for the emergence of movements against the negative impact of scientific discoveries on society. At the same time, citizens’ associations began to appear.

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