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Several options for mining asteroids are now offer: open pit mining (using a bucket), mining in mines (if open pit mining is not possible), collection using magnets or thermal exposure, biomining (using microorganisms to extract metals) . Some researchers believe that if a way to deliver metals to Earth does appear, a sudden increase in supply could devalue them. It seems that in the short term, the industrial extraction of metals in space and their delivery to Earth is a difficult task, and so far such projects, rather, have scientific goals that require large investments. In addition, researchers have other long-term plans for these celestial bodies.

How companies can maintain stability RBC

Scientists consider asteroids as a platform for building UAE Phone Number List space cities. Experts interview by RBC told what problems accompani Russian small and mium-siz businesses over the past year, what will help them survive the next crisis and  questions How has the position of SMEs chang over the year in the Russian economy? How does the government support SMEs? To what extent is the population involv in small and mium business? Is there a downward trend in the number of people employ in small and mium-siz businesses in the context of the economic crisis? How do SMEs maintain stability during a crisis.

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Markets markets of friendly countries

How to deal with supply disruptions, logistical problems USA CFO and the inability to make international transfers? How can a business develop innovations while it is constantly busy solving more and more new problems? Do domestic large companies support SMEs? Are there any benefits for small and mium businesses now? Is it possible to scale the business in the current conditions? What difficulties do SMEs face when entering foreign. How does SME help or could help big business during the crisis?General Producer of Programs for Small and Mium Business Entrepreneurs, SKOLKOVO School of Management What is happening now in small and mium-siz businesses.

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