Elliot intends to assemble a team of researchers

What does it mean At the end of November. The OpenAI company introduc the ChatGPT universal chat bot. He knows how to conduct a dialogue. Look for errors in the code, generate poems, scripts, financial analysis, summaries of technical articles. Scientific concepts, forecasts, as well as argue or, conversely, avoid controversial topics with the user. ChatGPT works like a chat in a dialog box, and you can use the neural network for free. To do this, website. Earlier, in November , Leader Lars, an artificial intelligence, l a political party in Denmark, and Tang Yu, a virtual humanoid robot with artificial intelligence.

You ne to register on the OpenAI

Became the CEO of a Chinese online game developer in Kuwait Phone Number List August. Somewhere in the not-too-distant future, astronomers are scouring the cosmos with powerful telescopes when they suddenly notice that among the light rays from distant galaxies, there is a message from an advanc civilization. What will happen next? Mankind is not ready to meet will be one of the most important events in history. Dr. John Elliot, a computational linguist at the University of St. Andrews in the UK, believes that humanity is not yet ready for it: “Look what a mess we made when COVID- hit. We would be like headless chickens.

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A collision with an alien signal

We cannot afford to be scientifically, socially and USA CFO politically ill-prepar for an event that could happen at any moment.” Develop meeting strategies Earth’s unpreparness for contact with alien life l to the creation of the SETI Center for the Search for Extraterrestrial Life. Within its framework, in the first months of  from around the world. They will begin to prepare for a potential meeting: they will be engag in the analysis of hypothetical mysterious signals or artifacts and working out all aspects of how people will react.

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