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With this approach, citizens’ confidence in technological development will be much higher, and the state and business will receive their bonus in the form of public support for the implementation of technological stacks necessary for strategic development. The longer the flight, the more dangerous Every day, astronauts work in Earth orbit , and in the coming decades it is plann to send the first crews of explorers to Mars. In addition to the fact that astronauts already experience health difficulties outside their home planet – muscle atrophy, bone loss, psychological problems – researchers have found another unfavorable factor. It turn out that being in space also affects the human microbiome.

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That is the complex of beneficial and harmful Sri Lanka Phone Number List microorganisms that inhabit it. This can cause additional health problems for even the most seemingly strong people on the planet. It’s not easy to do direct research into how a trip to Mars will affect microbes in the gut, says David Pierce, a bioscience researcher at Northumbria University: “Only about 600 people have ever been in space, and they didn’t stay there long enough.” for the experiment, the average duration of a flight to the ISS is about six months.” Nevertheless, of space – microgravity and high levels of radiation.

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Bacteria fungi and other microorganisms that inhabit USA CFO humans change their state. How do the gastrointestinal tract and skin react? In 2019, scientists compar the microbiomes of astronaut Scott Kelly and his twin brother Mark after the former spent nearly a year on the ISS. The study found that Scott’s microbiome had inde chang. During the flight, he temporarily decreas the number of Bacteroidetes bacteria, the dysregulation of and metabolic problems. Another study , already from the J. Craig Venter Institute, involv nine astronauts. They spent 6 to 12 months on the ISS.

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