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Weight and size control and connect transport technologies (V2X—Vehicle-to-everything – a car connect to everything). And when it comes to roads inside the city, The data collect by the elements of a smart road is combin in an automat traffic control system (ATMS). It controls the components connect to it – up to individual traffic lights and photo and video recording systems. Due to this, completely different components of  organism. All over the world and in Russia, a lot of experience has been gain in using ASUDD as a basis for smart roads. The release of Bard took place in a promotional video on Google’s Twitter account.

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In it the chatbot was ask the following question Russia Phone Number List among other things : “What recent discoveries of the James Webb space telescope can you tell a nine-year-old child about?”. Bard’s answer was that the telescope was able to take the very first pictures of planets outside the solar system (they are also call exoplanets). it was confirm by scientific experts. Grant Trembley, a scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said in response to the Google post: “I don’t want to be sassy, ??I’m sure Bard will still impress everyone, but for your information,” James Webb “didn’t “take the first pictures of the planet beyond solar system.

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In fact they were made in 2004 by a group of USA CFO scientists.” Bruce McIntosh, director of observatories at the University of California, tweet: “I’m speaking as someone who took a picture of an exoplanet 14 years before the James Webb launch: I think you ne to find a better example.” Why Bard Wrong Bard is bas on a large language AI model, mimics the human brain. She receives a huge amount of information from the Internet, which allows her to quickly generate text responses. The neural network could make a mistake by generating information from data.

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