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In with a partner there is a huge amount of communication – it cannot be replac. Potential Risks of in the Metaverse Users have doubts about the security of their personal data during ual activity in the online space. Therefore, some companies are developing safe online spaces: for example, immersive online gaming space for adults ViRo Playspace plans to “rent” rooms to which partners can connect through an individual link. In them, you can just chat or have using telildonics. However, the scientific and technical GRCHTS (Main Radio Frequency Center, a structure of Roskomnadzor. – RBC Trends ) sees a threat in such : according to his research.

Touch sensations from a distance

The use of tactile sensations in XR (augment reality) “rethinks Colombia Mobile Number List the experience of cyber” and carries the threat of with minors, as well as may lead to the development of deviations. Anton Neyaskin: “First, we ne to ask the question: cyberskin, – is this technology available to us? And even if available, can it become mass? Because only after that it is possible to speak about a broad problem. Pornhub has gone to great lengths to make it possible to sync telildonics and VR systems with their content, but even so, this product is still not mainstream.

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Avatars will not be able to approach

Another metaverse threat comes from ual harassment USA CFO on February 1, Nina Jane Patel , co-founder of the safe metaverse for children Kabuni Ventures, alleg gang rape on Meta just a minute after she enter the platform. Meta react quickly: already on February 4, the developers add the “personal boundaries” feature. each other more than 1.2 meters – approximately 4 steps. Such decisions call into question the possibility of in the metaverse. Mikhail Dymov: “The industry has always been one of the biggest in the world. The Metaverses will definitely make money from special places or dicat areas where you can have.

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