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Non-profit organizations or social movements. And thus, thanks to his efforts and competencies, he achieves resolution of situations. These can be issues of social inequality, the fight against alcoholism, drug addiction, environmental protection, urban governance and much more. Trends and directions of the profession According to the forecasts of. The Agency for Strategic Initiatives , this new intellectual profession will become one of in the foreseeable future. The key areas in the career of a specialist will be non-profit organizations (NPOs) and government agencies. Speaking of NGOs , we do not mean volunteering. But full-flg work, as in any other organization.

The public sector this specialist will be able

An example of crowdsourcing in an NPO is. The Democrator Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List project , creat by the foundation of the same name. This is an electronic platform where petitions of citizens are publish. The platform allows you to distribute a petition, get the support of like-mind people and solve the problem (when certain signature positions are reach). In to realize himself in sectoral ministries, government agencies, situational and analytical centers, and regional administrations. Crowdsourcing technology will be actively us to initiate social projects, control the implementation of decisions made, organize real self-government, etc.

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The most demand in the labor market

Examples of crowdsourcing projects in the public sector USA CFO creation of an interactive map of the city, on which road sections requiring repair are mark; testing a new service for the provision of public services; creation of an Internet resource where citizens can put forward initiatives and vote for them. Where did the profession come from Crowdsourcing technology (from the English crowd – the crowd, sourcing – the use of resources) involvesĀ  through the involvement of caring people. The first mention of the use of this technology can be consider a competition that was announc by the British Parliament in 1714: it was necessary to figure out how to determine longitude on sailing ships.

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