Growth may be partly due to the post-pandemic

At the same time, the complexity of logistics and sanctions risks will limit the competitiveness of such SMEs in new markets. In the interaction between SMEs and large businesses, there are two main opportunities that are currently being implement in the Russian Feration: the inclusion of SMEs in the supply chains for example, within the framework of a government or corporate SME digital platform. SMEs get access to the B2B market, and large businesses can attract suppliers of unique or non-scalable products; the creation by large businesses of corporate accelerators or business incubators.

The production of large businesses

In this case SMEs receive financial and expert support in the South Africa Phone Number List early stages of work, and large companies can test  they ne. Stepan Zemtsov, Director of the Research Center for Economic Geography and Regional Studies IPEI RANEPA The number of SMEs at the end of 2022 was almost 6 million, which is 2% higher than in 2021 and already higher than the pre-pandemic period. recovery of entrepreneurial activity, as well as adaptation to sanctions. On the other hand, the withdrawal of a number of foreign companies from the Russian markets and the permission of parallel imports could open up new market niches for SMEs In addition.

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New products or innovative technologies

A six-month moratorium on bankruptcies USA CFO was introduc in March 2022, which ruc the number of liquidat enterprises. Employment in the SME sector also increas over the year: excluding the self-employ – by 3.64%, including them – by 15%. The number of self-employ (without individual entrepreneurs) increas by a third from 3.64 million people to 6.22 million people. The number of newly creat SMEs at the end of 2022 is less than in 2021, although we expect growth – filling empty market niches. Permission of parallel imports is the most important state support measure. It allow entrepreneurs to look for ways to circumvent sanctions and fill Russian markets with.

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