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They often oppos each other. The leading roles in the religious hierarchy were occupi by men, while it was prominantly women. They went to the church openly during the day, to the healer’s hut – secretly and under the cover of darkness. The establishment and the church have always gone hand in hand, at the opposite end of the rankings. The author calls astrology, tarot and other practices the same spiritual traditions as monotheistic religious cults, and the fortune teller is one of the oldest professions in the world. Religious figures until the end of the 20th century persecut their “competitors” in the spiritual sphere. Most victims of witch hunts are women.

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At the same time the essence of these areas of human lives is Australia Mobile Number List very similar, both of them turn to spirits in their work and tend to speak the language of metaphors, and also to argue that there is something more than chance and probability behind the events in our lives. Apophenia, the Barnum effect and ego Humans have a natural propensity for apothenia—the search for connections between things that have nothing to do with each other. Psychics actively use this, communicating the language of metaphors, which can be interpret in different ways and, if desir, find some kind of match in the flow of this information.

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Another cognitive distortion us by astrologers and USA CFO palmists is call the Barnum effect. The fact is that people tend to believe the prictions that a specialist makes exclusively for them, especially if they contain positive ratings.  and highly accurate in ambiguous and highly abstract character descriptions or prictions of the future. In addition, throughout the session, the conversation revolves around the person himself, and people love to talk about themselves, and especially to hear flattering things about themselves from the lips of someone else. Quotes “People are not very sane in principle.

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