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The dirham is consider to be one of the most stable currencies in the world. This is due to the fact that in 1997 its rate was fix against the dollar at around 3.67 dirhams / $ 1. Since then, the rate has remain unchang for VIP clients — What other non-standard services are in demand in private banking? – Now the service of assistance in the selection of real estate in the Russian or foreign market for investment purposes or for personal residence is popular. The number of requests of this nature has increas markly, especially in terms of foreign real estate. — Real estate in which countries is interesting for Russians.

What is important to know about real estate

First of all in the UAE and Turkey – in these regions Czech Republic Phone Number List there are a large number of transactions for the purchase of real estate. -request regarding the purchase of real estate? – The bank can expand the client’s currency options so that he can easily pay for the purchase in the local currency of the country where he buys real estate. Development in the Middle East region is actively developing, so the volume of transactions and client interest, according to our statistics, are quite large. – In the UAE, real estate is bought for housing.

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Some really live there, others immiately transfer the area USA CFO to the management company, which rents it out, and the client receives rental income. — With the help of what services and resources do banks choose real estate for VIP clients? – socially and politically ill-prepar for an event that could happen at any moment.” unpreparness for contact with alien life l to the creation of the SETI Center for the Search for Extraterrestrial Life. Within its framework, in the first months of 2023, Elliot intends to assemble a team of researchers from around the world.

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