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Why read a book? To look at your interaction with people more carefully and consciously. Will Storr is devising a set of status game rules to help make our interactions with others more sustainable. One of them says from it. If you stop including dominance in dozens of daily interactions, from calling the call center to queuing at the airport, there will be fewer moments of pointless tension. In the new episode of the podcast “What has chang?” together with an expert, we figur out what personal boundaries are, and why it is important to protect your personal boundaries.

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Also respect others Listen to us on any convenient platform Mexico Phone Number List Apple Podcasts , CastBox , Yandex. Music , Google Podcasts and VK Podcasts . Also, follow us on Telegram RBC Trends — there we share interesting materials on the topic. Personal boundaries are the limits and rules we set to protect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being in relationships with others. Why personal boundaries are important, how to set them, and how they have chang in recent years – these and other questions are dealt with by podcast host and tech blogger Sergey Romantsev, along with practicing psychologist Yana Dobrovolskaya. 1:20 — What are personal boundaries.

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Scientists have analyz how people think when USA CFO choosing between conflicting moral obligations. RBC Trends talk about the study in detail §Imagine that you have an urgent work task to complete, but you have an important family date tonight. What will you do? but those close to you will not understand if you stay late at work. This is an everyday example of a moral dilemma that each of us has fac in one way or another. The American scientific journal PNAS publish a study that explains how people make decisions in such situations.

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