How the system of moral compromises works

If different ideas contradict each other, the system of moral compromises is activat. The system of moral compromises is divid into three subsystems: MV (English moral values ??- “moral values”) combines moral values; FS (eng. feasible set – “feasible set”) builds a set of solutions that is available for this dilemma; MAX (eng. maximizes the rightness function – “maximizes the function of correctness”) generates the optimal solution, given the existing restrictions. All these subsystems operate unconsciously. Are “more correct” than others. And although the choice of the “right” solution in a situation of moral dilemma is always intuitive.

This means that we simply feel that some decisions

Reasoning still plays a role in this process. Depending on Israel Phone Number List what arguments and arguments we give ourselves, one or another cognitive system (responsible for mutual assistance, justice, or something else) is activat. Let’s consider on the example of the burger poisoner dilemma . Imagine that you start a veggie burger company. For several years, your products have been sold all over the world. You have learn terrible news: in one of the cities, three people have di after eating burgers in your chain. But it’s not your fault, the burgers were poison by a criminal who opposes your brand.

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You can destroy the company products

The products were immiately withdrawn from sale in two stores where they were purchas by poisoning victims. Information instantly leak to the news fes under scandalous headlines. Burger sales have plummet. How will you get out of the crisis? The MV USA CFO subsystem develops strategies and immiately launches their evaluation in the moral aspect: You can recall the sale of burgers in the city where the incident occurr. around the world. You can do nothing. By law, you are not requir to remove the product from sale: the responsibility lies with the criminal. In addition, in the mia, such a step can be regard.

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