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How to become a well-being manager

Contact a psychotherapist. At the same time, the main task of a well-being manager is to create such an ecosystem of well-being in which current employees will work with pleasure and dication, and new ones will want to join the team. The better the employees feel, the more the company earns. Such conclusions were made by researchers in 2019. They studi the emotional state of 1.8 million employees from 230 companies around the world and found a strong relationship. Therefore, companies around the world organize employee support programs.

Trends and directions of the profession

This is an investment in the future. Almost every major Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List organization has such programs . For example, Google gives employees access to mical facilities, the services of individual doctors and physical therapists at headquarters. And it pays off. According to statistics, well-being initiatives increase employee productivity and ruce absenteeism. Employees of companies that have launch such programs are satisfi with their work in 70% of cases, their physical (by 56%) and psychological health (by 54%) improves. The well-being of employees is becoming a trend — a steady trend that is gaining momentum and is gradually coming to Russia. But according to Deloitte’s 2020 Global HR Trends report , many companies are missing out on integrating well-being into the workflow. 61% of companies in Russia and 78% in other countries agree that well-being affects the efficiency of organizations.

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You can start with personnel management

At the same time, 80% of companies in Russia and 61% in other USA CFO countries do not measure the impact of well-being programs on the effectiveness of their organization. And 79% of respondents said that their company’s strategy does not integrate well-being programs into the workflow at all. Deloitte researchers consider this a miss opportunity. There are no full-flg ucational programs for training well-being managers yet. then develop soft-skills and learn by doing: find out the problems and nes of company employees.

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