How we react to failures determines

Frustration from time to time; and for the first time this happens in childhood – for example, when the child does not receive the expect praise from the parents or counts on buying something, but he is not given it. Difficulties and obstacles in getting what you want cannot be avoid, but a person can control the reaction to frustration conditions.- they harden someone and lead to new discoveries, and someone suffers all his life, feeling inferior. Let’s take a closer look at what influences our reaction and what it can lead to. Types of frustration Frustration can manifest itself in many different ways.

The consequences of frustration

Some of them are describ by psychologist Dan Brennan loss Georgia Phone Number List of self-control; nervous movements of the body, such as constant tapping of the fingers, etc.; refusal to continue the work begun; feelings of sadness or anxiety; diffidence; sleep problems; switching to drugs or alcohol; bodily abuse, such as starvation or malnutrition. Frustrating situations can cause different emotions, notes Irina Makarova, director of the HSE Center for Psychological Counseling: “We can feel all variations of anger, from mild irritation to rage and hatr, it can be feelings of powerlessness, depression, disappointment, resentment and severe frustration.

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It can be quite difficult for a person

According to hersituations of restrictions, failures USA CFO and obstacles can cause severe stress, apathy and a sense of meaninglessness, but at the same time they can become powerful motivators for finding a way out, transformation. However,to realize this state, says Vladimir Shlyapnikov, head of the Department of Personality Psychology and Differential Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis: “Frustration is often experienc as a vague and unclear discomfort: something is wrong with me, something is missing, but what Exactly, I don’t understand. I don’t understand how to deal with this. As a result, this condition negatively affects a person’s life, interferes with living working effectively.

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