Implantology and science in general

There has also been a clear trend towards a ruction in the time from an idea to the introduction of materials into micine. These are actively implement technologies that will become common practice in the foreseeable future. “have been developing very rapidly in recent years. I think that in 20–30 years we will be able to make almost one hundr percent artificial replacement of blood vessels, ureters, and bile ducts. According to the characteristics of biocompatibility, they will not differ from natural ones, – Evgeny Bolbasov argues. — more than 6.5 Zbytes, and then only 17% of companies around the world us big data.

It is in these areas that a large

Most of the data will be generat by the companies themselves, not their customers. At the same time, an ordinary user will communicate with various devices Cambodia Phone Number List that generate data about 4,800 times a day. The first Big Data was us five years ago in IT, telecom and banks.  amount of data is accumulat about transactions, geolocation, search queries and profiles on the Web. In 2019, the profit from the use of big data was estimat at $189 billion [10] , which is 12% more than in 2018, while by 2022 it will double annually. Now in the USA more than 55% of companies work with big data [11] , in Europe and Asia – about 53%. In the last five years alone.

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The main consumers of Big Data

The spread of Big Data in business has tripl. The world leaders in the collection and analysis of big data are the Unit States and China. So, in the Unit States USA CFO even under Barack Obama, the government launch six feral programs for the development of big data for a total of $200 million. Large corporations are consider but their data collection activities are limit in some states – for example, in California. China has more than 200 laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information Since.

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