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3 Important Reasons Why We Need a Leader

What is the main reason we need a leader (shock leader) in our fishing activities?
Is embroidery thread (PE) not good enough?
These are some questions that often arise.

Anyway, the leader is the most important thing because it will help a lot in our success in landing fish.

The source of this article is from the website Japanese Angler Secret – Why do you need a leader by Mr. Totos

Actually, PE rope has existed since the 90s, but it became popular in 2000 and above along with the popularity of casting activities.

The advantages of PE rope are light strong and very sensitive

However, there are some drawbacks to this strap:

Weak in the bond
Poor shock absorption
Weak with friction
Also, the other real drawback is that this Latest Mailing Database rope is very visible in the water.

It may frighten sensitive and sensitive fish.

So, to overcome these weaknesses, we need to connect mono or fluorocarbon rope to our main rope system.

Let’s look at the experiments conducted to prove the weakness of PE rope.

PE rope is weak in bonding
The test conducted by Mr. Totos uses clinch knots proving that fluorocarbon ropes manage to maintain 85% of rope strength.

Then he tied PE rope with a strength of 9kg to test the strength of the bond

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From the results of 3 tests, the PE rope is only able USA CFO to maintain an average rope strength oIt is only 33% of the rope’s strength. The PE rope is untied by itself.

With the clinch knot , the fluorocarbon rope retains 85% of its strength and the PE rope only retains 33% of its original strength.

PE rope is weak with shock impact

PE rope does not have the same stretch as mono and fluorocarbon ropes.

Here are the percentages of stretch before breaking for each type of rope.

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