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How does the service work in such cases

Maybe she will have an overall rating of 4.6, but it is the cardiologists who are the best here. In cars and property easier. There, ratings are form bas on customer feback, adding specialists to “favorites” when a customer wants this electrician or plumber to come to him next time. A suitable specialist is determin by consultants, taking into account, among other things, psychological aspects. For example, it is better not to send this master to men “with hands”, because he cannot stand advice. But for housewives who ne a strong knowlgeable expert, he is perfect. – Have you compar your ratings with those that are form on the basis of “popular” reviews on the Internet Good idea.

Perhaps the person was help in the moment

Maybe we’ll try But in any case, we will not focus Norway Phone Number List on them, because the “popular” ratings do not always reflect the real quality of the service. It is not known who leaves reviews, for example, about the doctor, what was the outcome of the treatment. A woman came to a therapist, prescrib treatment, it became easier. And there, maybe, a serious sinusitis, it was necessary to send to the ENT. She left a positive review today, and complications will come in a month. That is, we do not see these people in dynamics, we do not know how they were actually help.

Phone Number List

The negative assessments of their customers

In auto and property, many end performers, of course USA CFO are also present on other services. And there we pay attention to their profiles. And we are no longer looking at the rating, but at how they respond to. For us, this is also a selection tool. — Does it happen that service providers are unhappy with the way they are present on the platforms? For example, do not agree with the rating.  Only mical organizations have a public rating.

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