Which are inaccessible to us visually

Scientists believe that for this reason, most people are not interest in the depths of the sea and neglect the huge amount of research about the oceans. Useful analogy The researchers propose to compare the deep-sea regions of the sea, with space and talk about the World Ocean as an ecosystem that is very difficult for us to imagine. They call for abandoning the theory that science knows a lot more about the moon: “Ultimately, this idea is outdat by 70 years. We know a lot of facts about the depths of the sea – but we still have to learn more.

Frontiers are the most significant topics

Using artificial intelligence HSE ISSEK researchers analyz scientific papers publish in 2022 and identifi the most significant topics (frontiers). Telling the details Albania Phone Numbers List What’s happening The HSE ISSEK identifi 837 frontiers and superfrontiers of science bas on an analysis of more than 34.5 million documents select by iFORA algorithms from an array of international scientific publications on the Microsoft Academic Graph platform for 2017–2021. of scientific research. Superfrontiers are significant topics that relate to several areas of science or scientific directions. Initially, the researchers form a list of 15 areas of science, 131 scientific areas and about 15 thousand topics bas on the generally accept classification of the OECD Fields.

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The top 20 frontiers and superfrontiers of science

Research and Development For each direction, the USA CFO frontiers of science were identifi, relat to the research of a variety of phenomena, processes, problems, the development of methods, technologies, products, etc. in 2022 includ: pandemic, cancer, deep reading, convolutional neural network, computational biology, immune system, electrochemistry, apoptosis (regulat process of programm cell death), inflammation, side effect, coronavirus, microstructure, photocatalysis, obesity, oxidative stress, gene expression, antioxidant, heart failure, body mass index, metastasis. What does it mean Compar to 2021, the number of topics relat to micine has increas.

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