The movement migrat into everyday life

This book makes you want to sort through the rubble of things and definitely not buy the fifth eyebrow cream and a pair of shoes at once. The author’s personal story makes the whole process very accessible and not intimidating, but rather inspiring to experiment – how much money can you save if you refuse unnecessary expenses? Over Europe and Russia have refus unnecessary household items. Along with the ideology of minimalism, excessive craving for things was criticiz, but the pandemic and crisis have chang these rules of the game.

The past decade residents of the Unit States

Effective minimalism Minimalism as a way of life began to New Zealand Phone Numbers List come into fashion at the end of the 20th century, although its premises can be found in Japanese philosophy, Protestantism and Scandinavian culture. Nevertheless, from architecture, fashion and the fine arts, which took a course towards the simplification of forms and the ruction in the number of details and bright colors in the post-war period. One of the most famous mottos of minimalism was formulat by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – “Less is more” (Less is more). Everyday minimalism has different definitions, but the main characteristics can be distinguish.

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The rejection of excessive details in life without losing USA CFO comfort, as well as a focus not on the quantity, but on the quality of goods or services. In the 2010s, as the millennial generation found a voice, got jobs, and began to critique consumer culture, the demand for minimalism seep into everyday fashion (Uniqlo), mainstream interior design (IKEA), the visual style of operating systems (iOS) and mobile apps (Clubhouse).  (“Write short”). One of the icons of the end of the last decade was consultant and home tidying expert Marie Kondo, who introduc the principle of “get rid of everything that does not please.” She has written several books on consumer minimalism.

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