My psychotherapist is a robot

On personal matters and makes vital decisions on its prompt. In Kenya, the Tess chatbot is being us to help women deal with postpartum depression. And in Russia, bot-trainer Phil teaches teenagers to understand emotions and manage them.   was creat in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Eliza act as a virtual interlocutor, imitating a specialist using a simple technique of paraphrasing the person’s own messages and formulaic questions. As a result, the client had the impression that the chatbot was having a meaningful conversation with him.

The first therapy bot Eliza

Interaction with Eliza took place not through the Thailand Phone Number List screen, but with the help of an electronic typewriter connect to a remote computer and the bot’s responses print on the printer. Despite this, some users develop an emotional attachment to Elise, becoming more open and frank with her. The Eliza experiment show for the first time that there could be a conversation between a human and a machine in a natural language for humans. But the most important discovery was that people tend to attribute meaning to chatbot messages on their own, mistaking it for the meaning put into the text by a machine. Subsequently, this phenomenon was call the “Eliza effect.

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Modern trainable chatbots are much

Eliza did not have artificial intelligence and was a USA CFO simple algorithm by today’s standards, but it creat the illusion of a full-flg dialogue and for some users it really had a certain psychotherapeutic effect. smarter than their “ancestor”, which makes them even more effective interlocutors and enhances the “Eliza effect” at times. In early 2023, the American magazine The Wise publish an article about how the American non-profit mental health organization Koko, as an experiment, replac specialists with a GPT chatbot without notifying customers. The chatbot manag to “consult” about 4 thousand people. Customers rat messages.

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