What is melancholy Melancholia is a state

Religious and mystical. Over the past millennia, he says (Dr. Ray Hyman, a psychologist who collaborates with the CIA – RBC Trends . And this means that in our government and law enforcement agencies the percentage of the insane is the same as in society as a whole.” “By allowing ambiguity into our lives, we nurture and nurture a deeper and more complex form of truth that is more satisfying and can guide new life paths, each of which is real and worthy of attention This is  for. The path to truth does not always lie through truth.

What we read fiction and go to the theater

An the mystery can be more interesting than the truth.” Why read a book? As a result of his research, Gary Nunn goes from being an avid skeptic to Austria Phone Numbers List recommending that every person visit a psychic at least once. No, it’s not that he believ in the influence of the stars or the lines of the hand on fate. Rather, the author of the book found that such visits are a kind of self-exploration and can have a certain therapeutic effect for a person in a state of uncertainty, grief, impasse or difficult choice. If all that we us to rely on – practicality, common sense and logic – is the prose of life.

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This is an ancient concept the ancient Greek

Then the metaphors of a psychic can become a moment USA CFO of poetry, allowing us to go beyond the “correct” and let the miracle into our lives. of melancholy and sadness that lasts for a long time and often has no obvious causes [ 1 ].  physician Hippocrates (V century BC) was the first to describe it in detail – and until the beginning of the 20th century, doctors and philosophers actively us it. Despite the fact that this word has always describ a depress state of mind, the causes of melancholy, its manifestations and attitudes.

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