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Affect the well-being of the participants in the experiment. According to Grant Seinfeld, a professor of audiology at the University of Auckland, therapy with UpSilent rewires the brain so that it perceives tinnitus as background noise and does not focus on it. Extraneous sounds that a person hears, although there is no external source that would make them. Often people hear ringing in their ears, but there may also be buzzing, hissing, whistling, sounds that look like music or singing, as well as a pulsating noise in time with the heart rhythm.

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What are the characteristics of Big Data? Meta Group El Salvador Phone Number List propos the main characteristics of big data [2] : Volume – data volume: from 150 GB per day; Velocity – the spe of accumulation and processing of data arrays. Big data is updat regularly, so smart technologies are ne to process it online; Variety – variety of data types structur. For example, in social networks, the data flow is not structur: it can be text posts, photos or videos. Today, three more signs are add to these three [3] : Veracity – the reliability of both the data set itself and the results of its analysis Variability – variability.

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Data flows have their peaks and valleys, influenc by USA CFO seasons or social events. The more unstable and changeable the data stream, the more difficult it is to analyze; Value – value or significance. Like any information, big data can be simple or difficult to perceive and analyze. An example of simple data is social mia posts, complex data is bank transactions. Big Data Analytics – how is big data analyz? Thanks to high-performance technologies such as grid computing or in-memory analytics, companies can use any amount of big data for analysis. Sometimes  those that are ne for analysis.

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