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His is also frustration, ”Miroslav Yasin, a psychotherapist of. The online psychotherapy service Zigmund.Online, gives examples. According to him, a person in the course of life is inevitably in a state of frustration from time to time; and for the first time this happens in childhood – for example. When the child does not receive  on buying something. But he is not given it. Frustrating situations can cause different emotions, notes. Irina Makarova, director of the HSE Center for Psychological Counseling. We can feel all variations of anger, from mild irritation to rage and hatr, it can be feelings of powerlessness, depression, disappointment, resentment and severe.

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Frustration According to her, situations of restrictions Guatemala Phone Number List failures and obstacles can cause severe stress, apathy and a sense of meaninglessness, but at the same time they can become powerful motivators for finding a way out, transformation. However, this state, says Vladimir Shlyapnikov, head of the Department of Personality Psychology and Differential Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis: “Frustration is often experienc as a vague and unclear discomfort: something is wrong with me, something is missing, but what Exactly, I don’t understand. I don’t understand how to deal with this.

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As a result this condition negatively affects a person’s life, interferes with living, working effectively, and enjoying communication with lov ones.” Causes USA CFO of frustration External and internal sources Frustration can come from within as well as from without. By internal frustration, we mean the state when a person himself is a frustrator (the one who provokes such a state). That is, he becomes unhappy because  emotions. External frustration suggests that there is another person or thing that is preventing you from meeting your nes. For example, in a situation where a person is late for an important meeting due to being stuck in a traffic jam.

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