It could create competition in the labor market

People will retain professions associat with a large number of atypical, poorly formaliz and creative operations, such as landscape design, individual training and personaliz mical care,” says Anton Kolonin. Experts reassure: as long as robots continue to create something only according to given instructions and have not learn to go beyond scripts, nothing threatens creative professions. However, experts warn, as AI advances, and outperform low-profile employees who are unable to offer a creative solution to a problem. “Yes, now AI generates gorgeous images, paintings, which are then sold under the guise of human labor.

This is just the beginning artificial intelligence

Schoolchildren use AI like ChatGPT to write essays. There Switzerland Phone Numbers List are neural networks that write classical music or pop music, books, plots for films. In this direction will continue to develop. But I think there will be demand for human labor, and you ne to be a professional in your field. It is unlikely that artificial intelligence in creative professions will become a mass story, but where a quick and cheap solution to the problem is ne, they will most likely switch to AI,” notes William Sahakyan. Soulless robots and heart-to-heart conversations Conversations with a teacher after class, revelations with a psychologist, a creative atmosphere at the lectures of a belov professor.

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Developers are already working on a language

Is all this possible with a robot? “For robotization USA CFO and automation in production today, intelligent technologies are us at a level that 60 years ago could probably be call artificial intelligence. But the level of intelligence of voice assistants of any bank or service still leaves much to be desir, ”comments Anton Kolonin.  for communication systems of the future, there are various projects that bring the moment when the robot will begin to build phrases and sentences like a person.

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