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Even if the negative scenario materializes, the Russian economy will have enough time to adapt.” The Central Bank expects a full return of the Russian economy to the pre-crisis level of 2021 by 2025. At the same time, the return of business to investment can be seen already at the end of 2022, admitt the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov. The minister attribut the expect emergence of a trend to the accumulat money supply, which Russian businesses can spend on replenishing stocks and new investments. Recently, Ozon and Wildberries allow merchants to sell parallel imports.

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To do this those who wish to sell in marketplaces will ne Colombia Mobile Number List to document the originality of the product and provide confirmation of all transactions. It is important for buyers to remember that under conditions of parallel import, not all goods can be localiz for use in Russia. Pay attention to the keyboard of the equipment of your operator and its frequency. Has left the market, it may not be repairing the product you bought. How will the cost of goods change with parallel imports The cost of any product is primarily affect by problems with logistics.

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You have to overpay not only for transportation, but also USA CFO for duty. For example, the UAE has a free economic zone with preferential customs conditions, but it will no longer be possible to re-export goods through Georgia, and there are still few alternatives – Kazakhstan and Turkey. Many foreign goods, such as cars and televisions, us to be assembl at Russian factories from import components. Since now the factories are idle or do not work at all, the goods will be import in finish form – the duty in this case is much higher. the Ferico II University of Naples in Italy.

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