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A permanent member of the New York Times bestseller list, at times taking first place. The “five love languages” model has become extremely popular around the world. According to the concept of love languages, each person expresses affection “in their own language”, and misunderstanding in a relationship happens if these languages ??do not match. Gary Chapman identifies five ways to express love: touch, words, gifts, time, and help. Accordingly, if both in a couple “speak” about love in the language of help, then, for example, joint housework and household tasks make partners happy.

The partners may not understand each

However if one partner speaks the language of help, and the other needs, for example, directly expressed words of love,  other and conflict, since neither Pakistan Phone Number List of them receives the manifestation of affection he needsof ??love languages ??has no scientific justification and causes a lot of discussion . Svetlana Mardoyan, psychotherapist, existential analyst: “From a scientific point of view, the theory of love languages ??is not correct. It is not clear what is the basis for such a choice of “love languages”. One could understand if the author was based on the main representational systems of perception visual, auditory.

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Whose love language is words

However this would also be a bit of a simplification. five love USA CFO languages Relationships can often become complicated and start to cause a feeling of confusion, so for ease of understanding their construction, Gary Chapman divided the manifestation of feelings of lovers into five main ways. Words For people it is important to hear direct words of support and affection from a partner. For them, the phrase ve you” will be more valuable than a gift or offered help. Such people are pleased to hear compliments, they are happy when a partner speaks openly about hi love and does not skimp on praise. Also, these people themselves are ready to express love in words.

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