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Svetlana Mardoyan on the other hand, believes that there is no ne to single out one language. Learning to listen and hear yourself, recognize your desires and broadcast them to your partner is what will help you feel lov.  to highlight not the language of love, but what is most valuable for you in a relationship – and cultivate these values,” says the psychotherapist. Does this concept work? It can be seen that the concept of love languages ??makes it quite easy to build a romantic relationship.

It is very pleasant to give and receive

The main criticism of this idea is that Gary Chapman Paraguay Phone Number List ascribes to a person only one, the most important language of love, which seems to devalue the rest of its manifestations. Svetlana Mardoyan: “Bas on this concept, love, for example, can only be manifest by gifts. But gifts are just one of the manifestations of love.  them, but love can manifest itself in another form if a person for various reasons cannot give gifts. Or about tactility: love presupposes tactility, it is deplet if touches are insufficient and absent. And this rather speaks of some kind of blockade at the level of physicality, and not about another language of love.

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If we talk about alternatives, then there are concepts USA CFO bas on the fact that people can differ from each other in the leading system of perception of reality: it is important for audials to hear, for visuals it is important to look, for kinesthetics it is important to interact tactilely. This can play a role to some extent when a couple communicates, and, of course, it is important to notice such nuances in your partner. Butlanguage of relations either. What to do if the love languages. Gary Chapman offers to determine your love language using a test publish on his website.

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