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Iunging into VR a person becomes not an outside viewer and listener, but a full participant in the process. And with a VR headset on their heads, it will probably be much easier for schoolchildren to take seriously topics that everyone usually giggles about during breaks. Moreover, in VR scenes, you can practice the essential principle of active consent in practice and in complete safety. The experience of Vitrual Bodyworks suggests that those  no” to a virtual person will then find it easier to do it in real life. And this theory is reinforc in practice in the Vantage Point project.

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Which was creat by a girl who surviv ual violence. but Greece Phone Number List now there are many more of them. In the field of ucation, a rather large porn studio once even tri to light up. BaDoinkVR releas a series of videos that allegly “teach” men how to be good lovers. The idea is good, but in reality it still looks like regular VR porn. At the same time, very good applications are appearing that bring previously “shameful” topics to a new level of understanding, making them more open. For example, the mobile menstruation and ovulation calendar Flo topp the AppStore top in the Health and Fitness category at the beginning of.

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Leaving behind all home workout software and other USA CFO activity trackers. A little earlier they tri to change the world a little for the betterthe creators of the Biem application, through which people who plan to have could share with each other the results of tests to detect genital infections and, if necessary, order these tests and remotely contact the doctor. Alas back to 2018: apparently, it didn’t fire. The same thing happen with the Russian app ual, which had similar functionality. Now it is for sale, and in 2021, in an interview with Rusbase.

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