Man observes the division of forces in society

Terms of energy enthusiasm with which they demonstrate their convictions. And in front of everyone’s eyes, an unusual dynamic unfold. A of the new Eastern policy felt that everyone approv of his thoughts. Therefore, he loudly and confidently express his point of view. Those who reject the New Ostpolitik felt isolat, isolat, silent,” writes Elisabeth Noel-Neumann in her book Public Opinion. Opening the Spiral of Silence. Spiral of silence the essence of the theory The spiral analogy helps visualize Noel-Neumann’s theory.

Anyone who was convinc of the correctness

At the end of the spiral, at the very bottom, are people Malaysia Phone Number List who do not express their unpopular opinions publicly for fear of isolation and condemnation. The more a person’s views diverge from the generally accept, the lower in the spiral he is locat. The fear of being outnumber serves as the starting point of the spiral, which with each new turn increases its diameter, as does the majority of people with the same position. With each turn, both sides change exponentially – the majority becomes stronger, while the minority weakens and falls The fear of isolation is the driving force behind the spiral. This is how the fear of rejection gradually suppresses one point of view and exalts another.

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Which statements are approv by the majority

A person listens to the opinions of others. In a situation USA CFO of acute social contradiction, we begin to pay attention to what position our relatives, friends, and colleagues adhere to. Differences in views, especially with lov ones, cause us discomfort. Some speak loudly, confidently and proudly. Others, on the contrary, share their opinion less often and more quietly, as if embarrass by it and fearing the consequences. We notice and which are not, what is popular in the mia, whose advertising is found on billboards, what badges and stickers people put on clothes, backpacks and windshields.

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