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Fukuyama point out that inequalities between countries could lead to “advanc” people claiming more rights than those left behind. Some opponents of the theory also express fear that the technology will be us by those who want to gain superpowers. The latest writings of the late physicist Stephen Hawking prict that a race of superhumans will take over, using genetic engineering to outdo their fellow human beings. Thus, synthetic hormones, such as erythropoietin , which is naturally produc in the kidneys and increases the production of r blood cells, as well as adaptive technologies, such as bionic implants and carbon fiber prostheses , can be us not only by people with blood diseases or disabilities, but also by athletes.

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Without a disability seekingimprove your results. Moreover Cyprus Phone Number List such cultivation methods can get out of hand and be us for unethical activities, such as in military operations. In response to such arguments, transhumanists claim that  practic in agriculture and animal husbandry,  goods, from sweet corn to new bres of dogs and cats. physical life that underpins transhumanism also challenges the fabric of modern society, from healthcare and social services to pensions and insurance to the labor market. Eternal life also raises a number of ethical and moral questions, such as whether there will be enough resources for new generations.

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Or whether extend life will be available only to a USA CFO privileg few. The development of biotechnology requires new approaches from governments and international organizations. Thus, in 1993, the International Bioethical Committee was form at UNESCO, consisting of 36 experts from various scientific fields. Its task is to monitor new discoveries in the field of biomicine and analyze whether they violate human rights. The Committee regularly publishes reports and recommendations for various scientific fields – for example.

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