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Office workers industrial equipment operators and other low-skill. Professionals are most at risk. A lesser threat turn out to be for managers. And employees with a high level of qualification. Researchers believe that. We can talk about a high risk of automation for a profession if 70% of its tasks are routine. According to the results of the study, this list includ 71 professions. Which are practic by 11.2% of Russians. However, for 56% of workers. The risk of automation now remains low. from the World Economic Forum. By 2025, artificial intelligence will replace 85 million people worldwide.

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Neural networks sometimes become an alternative to humans Nigeria Phone Number List not only in areas requiring routine tasks: for example, in 2022, the robot girl Tang Yu head a Chinese online game developer company, and the artificial intelligence chatbot Leader Lars became the official and leader of the Danish political parties Canadian scientists have discover the oldest stars in the universe thanks to images taken by the James Webb telescope. of RBC Trends What’s happening The James Webb Space Telescope has discover the oldest stars ever found. Researchers from the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy.

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Astrophysics at the University of Toronto spott globular USA CFO clusters of stars in the Sparkler Galaxy, nine billion light-years from Earth. Globular clusters contain a large number of stars bound to each other by gravity and revolving around the galactic center like satellites. In earlier images from the Hubble telescope, dots in this galaxy, but what exactly these objects were, they could not determine. Now, thanks to better and more detail data from James Webb, scientists have been able to determine that these objects are stars, and they are about 3.9-4.1 billion years old. They originat when the universe was “only” 350 million years old.

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