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Look for niches that are fre from foreign companies as part of digital transformation. What are your expectations for 2023? We are preparing for a variety of scenarios. Import substitution will continue as a growing trend, and this is not an expectation, but an obvious reality. Government agencies have been actively involv in this process for several years, and for many commercial companies the path to import independence is just beginning. of import substitution of individual IT products towards the formation of Russian platforms that can replace entire stacks of import software.

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The transition requires expertise in the integration of Belgium Phone Number List products into a single system, which, as a result, will increase the role and capabilities of integrators. Secondly, I do not exclude the return of foreign vendors to the domestic market, at least partially. Third, the local market will become more competitive. Many vendors and integrators will move towards services and a subscription model. In 2022, we saw a multiple growth of such services and we will develop them ourselves. Software vendors will take on the role of distributors. Another expectation is an increase in the consolidation of the market and companies with state participation.

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It is important to maintain a balance between USA CFO commercial and government contractors, as this affects the quality of the final services. Unfortunately, our analysts also prict an increase in the number of attacks by at least 50% compar to 2022, and a 70% increase in the number of leaks. The factor of the transition period will affect: on of Western software from customers, on the other hand, the lack of expertise in the field of domestic software. The decisive factor for the development of the information security market in 2023 will be the attention of regulators to what is happening in our industry. In Russia today, it is the state.

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