My priority is two Facebook groups

Pandemic were forc to limit their social activities more than ordinary people. The problem was especially acute for those who just found out about their diagnosis – this is not only stress, but also the ne to decide on a treatment plan. Therefore, online ucational projects and online communities of mutual support have become more relevant than ever. Alexander Natroshvili The main problem with mical groups in social networks and instant messengers is to separate the wheat from the chaff”. A lot of false information and outright charlatanism, especially when he has just learn about the diagnosis and is in a state of stress.

It is very difficult for a patient

In order to prevent all sorts of specialists” recommending Phone Number List dubious methods of treatment” from leaking into the group, high-quality moderation and constant participation in discussions of doctors of a truly expert level are ne.  Find your doctor (there is a subgroup Oncology ) and Cancer is curable . I have been reading for more than a year, participating in discussions in both, and I can recommend them with a clear conscience. Early diagnosis Screening can help doctors detect and treat several types of cancer early, before they cause symptoms.

Phone Number List

The treatment of such cancer is call

Checking for cancer (or abnormal cells that USA CFO could become cancer) in people who don’t have symptoms is call screening. According to the US National Cancer Institute, screening tests can not only be beneficial , but also lead to early diagnosis. That is, a screening test shows that a person has a tumor, but this tumor would not harm the person. overtreatment. For example, a new study by researchers at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) analyz thyroid cancer rates in children and adolescents ag – from countries. Salvatore Vaccarella, IARC scientist and lead author of the study, explains that in recent years.

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