There are certain standards of ethics

Anger bargaining depression and acceptance) – David Kessler – in 2009 added a sixth to them – the search for meaning.  person, as well as help him find the strength to live on. Grieving is a deeply individual and difficult process, and psychotherapy is still taboo in a number of social groups. For many people, turning to a thanatopsychologist for help in grief is something like admitting oneself is crazy, but a visit to a clairvoyant is quite acceptable. However, often clairvoyants “hook” vulnerable people on their services, so that a person “gets stuck” in his grief. To exclude such situations, the author puts forward the idea of ? regulating the activities of mediums and fortune-tellers.

A psychic can support and comfort a bereaved

The proposal seems absurd only at first glance, after all in Ivory Coast Phone Number List the adjacent “industry of meetings with the other world” – religious – and quality when working with the population. The author repeatedly compares these two spheres – religious and mystical. Over the past millennia, they often opposed each other. The leading roles in the religious hierarchy were occupied by men, while it was predominantly women who communicated with the crystal ball. They went to the church openly during the day, to the healer’s hut – secretly and under the cover of darkness.

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Most victims of witch hunts are women

The establishment and the church have always gone USA CFO hand in hand, while the marginalized elements have united at the opposite end of the rankings. The author calls astrology, tarot and other practices the same spiritual traditions as monotheistic religious cults, and the fortune teller is one of the oldest professions in the world. Religious figures until the end of the 20th century persecuted their “competitors” in the spiritual sphere.  At the same time, the essence of these areas of human lives is very similar, both of them turn to spirits in their work and tend to speak the language of metaphors.

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