One of the first ways to detect gas

The Dalai Lama in terms of Zen calmness,” because there is a natural selection against people with a hyper-reactive response to stress, except for some cases. He explain that this process goes on for quite a long time, and then the so-call evolutionary bottleneck sets in, when % of the population dies, and the % that survive are “canaries in the mine”, hysterical neurotics who saw real stressors earlier. everyone else. In mines was to use canaries as gas analyzers. Canaries are very sensitive to gases, including methane and carbon monoxide, and die from even a small amount of it in the air. In addition, these birds tend to constantly sing.

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Which was an audible alarm: as long as singing was heard UK Mobile Number List one could work quietly, and when the bird fell silent, it meant that one had to leave the mine. “So, unfortunately, I think that in a million years people will be just as crazy, prone to anxiety and neurotic as they are now, because from time to time that is what saves us,” pricts Sapolsky. Between bonobos and chimpanzees Sapolsky hopes that sooner than a million years from now, something could happen that completely changes the behavior of people. He believes that people ne to develop their “inner bonobo.

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In the jargon of scientists, Sapolsky explains, chimpanzees USA CFO are from Mars, and bonobos are from Venus: chimpanzees are schemers and cruel LaMDA is a chatbot develop by Google that can carry on a dialogue on any topic and answer any user questions. LaMDA is short for Language Model for Conversational number of topics. We think that our development will help find ways to more naturally interact with technology and even develop new categories of applications.

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