One such example is the Briar messenger

To get around it Telegram disguis its connection as network equipment traffic. And the services were host on the servers of well-known vendors. When blocking this type of traffic, a significant part of Internet connections that are not relat to the messenger itself can suffer. Which happen in Russia several years ago. Among the victims were several sectors of the economy, one way or another connect with the Internet.  suffer serious damage. Such actions can cost the economy of the state dearly,” notes Alexander Ognev. In June 2020, Roskomnadzor announc that it had lift the requirement to block Telegram in Russia.

Their traffic was block and many companies

Telegram remains the most accessible messenger in Bahamas Mobile Number List terms of traffic isolation. For example, during the latest protests in Belarus, he remain the only working messenger. “Other, less well-known solutions may meet the above criteria. the key features of which are the ability to connect via Bluetooth, WI-FI, directly between devices, as well as via the Tor network. without centraliz servers, and the corresponding content is stor in encrypt form on the devices of the participants,” adds Ognev. In Britain, someone consults with the ChatGPT neural network on personal matters and makes vital decisions on its prompt. In Kenya, the Tess chatbot is being us to help women deal with postpartum depression.

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In addition the connection is possible

An in Russia bot-trainer Phil teaches teenagers to USA CFO understand emotions and manage them. My psychotherapist is a robot The first therapy bot, Eliza, was creat in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Eliza act as a virtual interlocutor, imitating a specialist using a simple technique of paraphrasing the person’s own messages and formulaic questions. As a result, the client had the impression that the chatbot was having a meaningful conversation with him. Interaction with Eliza took place not through the screen, but with the help of an electronic typewriter connect to.

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