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Much more and weaknesses Customers have a choice: they can criticize without offering anything, or, for example, they can accept the fact of this technological lag and invest in a developing area together with the vendor. Of course, Russian solutions are going through a rapid stage of development. What took 20-30 years for our Western colleagues, we need to do in 3-5 years. Another important circumstance is the availability of hardware platforms (processors and other elements of systems, the architecture of which will ensure the launch of a certain family of solutions.

Do you have a staffing shortage

RBC Trends  and the predictability of their delivery times. If Western companies limit the delivery of microelectronic components, relatively speaking, to two Belarus Phone Number List months, then Russian companies have it up to six months or more. Therefore, not all firewall developers will be able to demonstrate the growth rates that the market potentially has in 2023. — Did the departure of IT specialists affect the work of Angara Security today? — The company’s business has not suffered, but there is a shortage of personnel. we have is 10% of the total number of employees. Demand for our area is high, but the company’s growth is held back by a chronic shortage of specialists.

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We work with several Russian

I would even call it a shortage not of personnel, but USA CFO of expertise. Every company wants to attract experts, and the race for them has intensified. I think it will take some time before the situation changes. To some extent, automation and robotization, which will take on routine work, will be able to speed up this process and reduce staff shortages. Angara Security looks at these technologies very closely and is already applying them. – Many companies “cultivate” personnel within themselves. Others hunt. How do you solve this problem? —  universities in Moscow and Ryazan, where we give author’s courses on information security.

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