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Khvorova suggests the following steps: Formulate and write down your positive qualities and strengths, without touching on achievements . This is necessary for the formation of a person’s understanding that he has something to love for, regardless of achievements. Swap self-criticism for self-validation. When a person is not confident in himself, he is more sensitive to mistakes and failures, sometimes imaginary. Validation is normalization: you need to remind yourself that all people make mistakes, this is normal and appropriate. Self-criticism in this case is a useless thing that does not help in any way, only throws up a bunch of thoughts “why I’m bad”, but not a single one about how to become better.

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Replace the concept of “error” with the phrase “growth Nigeria Phone Number List zone”: lack of experience or skill is not a reason to self-flagellate, because I discovered my growth zone and, therefore, I can work on it. Don’t be self-centered. Insecure  for reasons for failure. In fact, goes to dust just because of one person.  the trodden path of searching for the guilty one in oneself, but to look wider. Experiment. People with self-doubt often avoid trying something out of fear that they won’t succeed. But when a person refuses to perform an action.

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He absolutely gets the reinforcement of his insecurity USA CFO because he remains in the same place. Trying is always 50/50. If it is successful, this may be the first sprout of confidence. Write down achievements and praise yourself. This is an advanced level. Insecure people tend to underestimate their accomplishments. You should focus on the moments when something works out, and praise yourself, inspire yourself with the idea that this success is not an accident, but the result of the efforts made. Give yourself time. Uncertainty did not appear in a day, a week or a month.

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