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With incorrect regeneration of olfactory receptors. It is impossible to prict how the coronavirus and the associat parosmia will affect whom. The only thing that can be assum is that older people will take longer to recover, because brain plasticity decreases with age. Moreover, it is known that olfactory disorders, including parosmia, are more common in people. How to deal with parosmia Anosmia and parosmia at first glance seem pretty harmless compar to other complications from the coronavirus, but in fact they bring a lot of suffering to those who have encounter them.

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In social networks, you can find posts of people who have Armenia Mobile Number List not been able to restore their sense of smell for a long time, which is why they cannot eat normally, since any food and even ordinary water is disgusting. In the most serious cases, such problems lead to severe weight loss and comorbidities. Not surprisingly, communities of on the Web, where participants share proven and new methods of getting rid of it. Unfortunately, there is no cure for parosmia in the form of a pill or injection. But there is good news: olfactory neurons, unlike many others, are able to recover. In addition, our central nervous system has plasticity, it is able to learn.

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That is the brain must cope with the problem itself, how to USA CFO learn to smell again the way it did before. Judging by the experience that we have now, this ability to neurons returns sooner or later. Yuri Kiselev: “Let’s imagine a situation and you get some functions of other employees. Previously, you did not deal with such tasks at all, but after a while you will learn how to perform them and make up for the deficiency. The brain is essentially the same collective of neurons, and if you greatly simplify, then some neurons are able to take over the functions of others.

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